Flex2Flow is the strongest pop-up sprinkler you’ll encounter. You can drive over the product with your car, without damaging the sprinkler or the piping below. Guaranteed never to get stuck in the up or down position, this product will never leak as there are no sliding parts. Don’t waste time, money and water repairing your faulty irrigation – Flex2Flow will solve your reticulation worries. Flex2Flow is made of the highest grade material to withstand the harsh Australian climate, which allows us to stand by our product with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

Flex2Flow is:

Crush Proof: You can drive, mow, or ride over it as many times as you like.

Has No Sliding Parts: Flex2Flow is a sealed unit and will never get stuck in the up or down position.

Height Adjustable: After installation it is easily adjusted to the changing height of your lawn.

Compatible with most other Sprayer Heads: This way you can utilize the latest sprayer-head technology.

An optional Flush Look cover is available to stop the grass from growing over the sprinkler and create an even lawn surface.

Flex2Flow has been tested to 50psi Operating Pressure (15-25psi)