Flex2Flow is a groundbreaking new sprinkler that will absorb the pressure of a vehicle driving over it, and is designed in a way that will eliminate contaminants getting it stuck in the up or down position.

Solve your reticulation worries with Flex2Flow.

Flex2Flow is guaranteed with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Customer Reviews

At last, we have a popup that has sorted out all the hassles of conventional popups. I used to spend frustrating hours repairing pop-ups and piping. The best part is that people parking on my front lawn will no longer be breaking my pop-ups or worse the underground piping, and as there are no moving parts it just can not get stuck in the up or down position, no matter how much dirt I grind into it. I can even easily adjust the height up and down as my lawns level changes. What a winning idea. Thanks!


I was forever replacing my popup sprinklers as they were constantly being parked on by my kids and their friends. How many times in the morning I would set off to work and notice a three-metre plume of water heading to the heavens from a broken popup. Flex2Flow Popups has changed all that, I have not had to replace a sprinkler on the verge for over two years. They took 5 minutes to install, are maintenance free and I delight in telling my mates that they are welcome to park right on top of my sprinklers. What an innovation!